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Training : The importance of training needs no emphasis .At every stage of life, we need training. Training should be evaluated in the same way as other investment in terms of costs and benefits .The tangible benefits of training include saving time, job satisfaction, reading cost and reducing employee’s turnover etc.

is fully committed to provide quality training to its employees so that the service is provided with most efficient and effective manner. We are fully conscious of the necessity of training at all levels to ensure quality of service rendered and client’s satisfaction. We ensure optimum attention to selection and training process.

Kalka Housekeeping Services Conducts training at three levels :
1:- At Basic Level
2:- At Job on Site level
3:- At Refresher Level
Operational Management :
1:- Kalka Housekeeping Services is fully committed in providing 24 x 7 bases, a
Proficient Housekeeper to meet the requirements of its clients.
2:- Inspections / visit by the senior management, field Officers to ensure proper functioning of the Housekeeper.

3:- Night checking by field officers to ensure that the Se Employee remain alert during night.

4:- Establishing regular contact with clients.

5 :-Maintaining a Security awareness / crime prevention
6:- Conducting approved searches or personnel effects and

Police Verification : Kalka Housekeeping Services ensures that once a security guard is recruited, his documents are completed in all respects. The Police verification is carried out by both local as well as with the village police. Besides above verification, a direct verification at the native village through respective heads is also carried out to ensure 100% verification.

Quality Assurance : Kalka Housekeeping Services’s key strength is the quality performance in all spheres of duties. We are fully committed towards dedication, discipline and hard work. Kalka Housekeeping Services, since the year of inception has committed towards achieving excellence in providing quality services to its valued clients keeping their vision and objective in sight.

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