Terms & Condition

Our Terms and conditions :
(1) The rates quoted are for 8 hrs by shift per head, per month
(2) The rates are 26 days duties performed. Sundays and National Holidays shall be charged extra.
(3) The rates are subject to minimum wages Act of the concerned State Govts, UT Admin. Any enhancement will automatically be levied in the monthly bills, effective date as per notification.
(4) Deployment of Security guards shall only be made
After receipt of the contract / agreement is writing
From the organization.
(5) Payment for the services rendered shall be made in the first week of the month.

(6) Incase of any loss / incident, a joint verification / inquiry shall be convened by the representatives of the agency and the organization. Sticks / Batons, whistles and torches shall be provided by the agency and torches cells by the organization.
(7) Living accommodation shall be provided by the organization
(8) Uniform charge @ Rs 500/- per guard shall be charged extra.
(9) EPF /ESIC will be deducted and deposited with the
Appropriate authority.
(10) Bonus shall be charged as per rules
(11) Washing allowance @Rs 50 /- per month for
Each guard shall be charged extra.
(12) A copy of quotation is attached.

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